Tent Rental

Commercial Tent Rental

Winery operations activities such as mobile bottling and harvesting often take place in the outdoors. The winery team is therefore exposed to various weather situations: it may be beautiful, lush California weather or we work in scorching  heat or pouring rain.

Peregrine Mobile Bottling, LLC offers shelter for your and our teams at work as well as shelter for your product and packaging materials through commercial frame tents of various sizes.

What We Provide to You

Our commercial tent rentals come in various sizes:

  • 20’ (W) x 20’ (L) x 14’ (H)
  • 20’ (W) x 30’ (L) x 14’ (H)
  • 20’ (W) x 40’ (L) x 14’ (H)
  • Optional: LED Lighting

A team of trained personnel delivers the tent to your location, installs according to safety rules and regulations (anchoring, exit signs, fire extinguishers, permits if required)  as required by your county’s fire marshal.

Your Benefits

  • Safe work environment for your team resulting in higher efficiency
  • Outdoor storage for grapes, glass or full pallets of goods sheltered from sun and rain
  • Multiple services (filtration, bottling, commercial tents) from one trusted source if required