Our Mobile Bottling Line has been designed from a winemaker’s perspective focusing on:

  • Lowest Oxygen Pick-up using KRONES counter-pressure filling technology
  • Most Attractive Shelf Appearance of your product by using a rotary labeler with electronic orientation capability to position your labels in-between bottle seams and
  • Facilitating the Bottling Project for your winery team by including all necessary utility generators and detailed, upfront project clarification

Our professional team provides turn-key services throughout the entire bottling project. We focus on cost-efficient, high-value results and strive for long-term relationships with our customers.

What We Provide for You

  • Bottle Rinsing (Sterile Air)
  • Counter Pressure Filling with Dual Pre-Evacuation
  • Corking & Screw Capping
  • Capsule Spinning and Shrinking Application
  • Rotary Labeling including Neck Label Capability and Electronic Bottle Orientation
  • Bottle Coding (Laser)
  • Case Sealing (Tape)
  • Case Labeling (Print & Apply Labels)
  • On-Board Utilities: Power, Nitrogen, Steam, Compressed Air

Your Benefits

  • Lowest Oxygen Pick-up guaranteed through double pre-evacuation and sparging as part of the filling process
  • Better Shelf Appearance through precise rotary labeling application
  • Electronic Bottle Orientation to place labels in-between bottle seams or under a shoulder embossing
  • Laser Coding
  • On-board Utilities results in cost savings
  • On-board Utilities saves you bottling organization time
  • KRONES  Engineered Bottling Line provides reliability and proven results
  • Our Unique Features bring quality and cost savings at competitive pricing
  • Multiple Services (filtration, bottling, commercial tents) from one trusted source if required